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Transform One-Time Visitors into Loyal Audience
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GetWalletPass is a win-win solution for users and businesses. Run loyalty programs, send custom push notifications, and use digital passes for discounts, gifts, coupons, tickets and more!

Welcome Back Guests: Effortlessly turn one-time guests into loyal customers with pre-installed and secure passes.

Eco-Friendly & Customizable: Replace plastic cards with our eco-friendly solution. Customize, integrate with ads, run referral programs, and send personalized messages

Our Digital Wallet Platform boosts engagement, retention, and sustainability for both businesses and users

For Users

Unlock a World of Convenience: All Your Coupons, Tickets, and Loyalty Cards in One Digital Hub

Most Smartphones Come Ready with Digital Wallets

For Business

Engage Your Customers Effortlessly and Effectively!

Boost Retention & Refine Marketing with Targeted Alerts. Seamlessly Integrate with Your Systems & Tailor Cards to Your Brand's Essence

Discount card

Get real-time updates on your exclusive discounts

Digital Certificate

Instantly access your purchased certificate's details electronically

Membership card

Digital card granting club member perks and providing essential details

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Bonus card

Maximize your savings with cashback and monitor your accumulated bonus balance

Event Ticket

Skip the inbox hunt for PDF tickets. The ticket auto-displays when you're at the venue, even in low connectivity areas

Loyalty Punch Card

Stack up your purchases and reap rewards (e.g., Enjoy a free coffee every 10th cup)


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Grow Your Customer Network

With our streamlined electronic card creation, you can swiftly gather essential customer details while doing away with paper forms.

Effortless Card Design Management

Update and refine your card designs seamlessly, without the need for reissuing. Our team, with their vast experience, ensures a smooth process tailored to your needs

Engage with Free Newsletters

Deliver complimentary PUSH notifications straight to your customers' devices. Keep them in the loop with your latest promotions, product launches, and events

Audience Segmentation

Group customers based on key metrics crucial to your business - be it gender, age, spending patterns, visit frequency, and more

Automate Your Newsletters

Let our system handle communication, dispatching messages per your chosen scenarios, whether it's reaching out to those dormant for a month or sending birthday wishes

Deep Dive into Customer Insights

Spotlight on top-performing customers based on average spending or overall purchase value (leveraging RFM analysis)

Referral Program

Leverage our referral program with extra bonuses to attract new customers.

Devise Custom Mechanisms

Reach out and share your business vision. We're equipped to integrate diverse mechanics and sync seamlessly with your CRM system

Tailored Rates

Unlock personalized service terms by becoming a major client with over 1000 customers. We are prepared to offer you exclusive service conditions.

Uniquely Yours

Customize card designs to your taste, all via our user-friendly online platform



Once the form is completed, the card seamlessly appears in the user's Apple Wallet® or Google Wallet™

  • Dive into a pool of relevant, current data with our specialized database
  • Design fields and forms in tune with your goals
  • Your brand, our solutions. Perfectly harmonized
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Choose your subscription


  • Up to 1000 cards
  • 1 card template
  • 1 application form
  • Unlimited Push notifications
  • Geolocation-based notifications
  • Integrations
  • Scheduled notifications
  • Memberships
  • Events


  • Up to 2500 cards
  • 3 Card templates
  • 3 Application forms
  • Unlimited Push notifications
  • Geolocation-based notifications
  • Integrations
  • Scheduled notifications
  • Memberships
  • Events


  • Up to 5000 cards
  • 10 Card templates
  • 10 Application forms
  • Unlimited Push notifications
  • Geolocation-based notifications
  • Integrations
  • Scheduled notifications
  • Memberships
  • Events


  • eventbrite
  • stripe
  • clover
  • square
  • shopify
  • altegio
  • quickbooks
  • alfacrm


No, there is no need for additional apps. Apple Wallet® and Google Wallet™ are pre-installed on most smartphones, allowing for seamless integration and use.
Yes, our platform provides detailed analytics, including installation tracking, so you can monitor the reach and usage of your digital cards.
Absolutely, our card constructor allows you to update designs even after distribution, and changes will reflect in real-time for your customers.
We prioritize security. All customer data is encrypted and we follow best industry practices to ensure your information is safe and secure.
Yes, our system supports targeted push notifications based on customer behavior, preferences, and demographics to increase engagement.
Absolutely! Customers can conveniently store various cards from different businesses within their digital wallet, making it easy to access and use.
Indeed, our digital cards are designed for compatibility with both Apple Wallet® on iOS devices and Google Wallet™ on Android.
Yes, GetWalletPass is built to be flexible and can integrate with most CRM systems to synchronize customer data seamlessly.
Yes, digital cards can be enriched with loyalty program features such as point tracking, rewards, and tiered status levels.
Certainly! We offer comprehensive support to help you set up, manage, and optimize your digital card campaigns for maximum effectiveness.

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